Thursday, 13 June 2013

Thoughts On Cover Changes

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Hello everyone,

A little while ago, in my Along For The Ride review, I brought up the topic of cover changes. I know everyone has different opinions on this, so I felt like maybe I should just put mine out there.

Personally, I only dislike it when publishers change the cover of books in a series. If it's a standalone novel, and they change it, I'm okay with it. If they change it to an even nicer cover, then I'd probably be happy with it. In this case, even if I didn't like the new cover, most of the time you can still easily find a copy of the old cover.

Halfway through a series of books, however, is not the time to change the covers. Personally, I like my books to be organized and to look nice on my shelf. I keep all of my series together. If I bought the first book in hardback, then I will continue to do so. If I bought the first book in a softcover, then I will continue to do so. It's just the way I like things. Everyone's bookshelf is different.

So when the covers are changed when I've already bought the first half of the series, I am not pleased. Especially if I hate the new covers. Or if they change the size of the book. It doesn't look nice on my shelf, and it bothers me. I probably won't repurchase the books I already have in their new covers, I will just buy the new covers of the new books as they are released, but I won't like it.

Now, if a series (with one set of covers) is completed, and then publishers decide to re-release them with a new cover, I am totally okay with that. For example, the Harry Potter books. They were all published with the same cover theme, and after they had all been released, then they were reprinted with new cover themes. That's fine, because all of the covers match. If I want to, I can buy the old covers, or the new, not a weird mix of both.

Overall, for me, cover changes have often been a bad experience. But if it's done right, it can be a very good thing. Although, if both the covers are beautiful, it's so difficult to choose between them!

What are your thoughts on cover changes? Good? Bad? What cover changes in particular have you loved/hated? Leave me a comment!

Goodbye for now,

Emily Noel

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